What is Biotron Technology?

BiotronTM enhances the healthy growth of the biological system of living organisms by providing the essential nutrients and
minerals present in water, as compared to normal water.

BiotronTM is a scientifically advanced technology which unlocks essential natural minerals present in drinking water during the de-clustering of water molecules, helping them reach the cells faster and in increased quantity.

The patented device breaks the complex water molecules ( macro molecules ) into fine micro-clusters, making water more bio-permeable so that one’s body can easily absorb the goodness of water along with its much needed nutrients.

  • Provides more hydration to the water you drink
  • Carries minerals to the cells faster, as the water is more easily absorbed
  • Reduces acidity and regulates the body’s pH level
  • Dissipating toxic deposits within the body's connective tissues by getting absorbed better
  • Generalised therapeutic effects on the body, especially the digestive, nervous and urinary systems

*a) Independent published scientific research | b) Agriculture Water Management 96(2009) 1229-1236 | c) Current World Environment Vol.9(3), 1008-1016 (2014) | d) Nutrition Research and Practice (Nutr Res Pract) 2013; 7(1):34-42

**As per independent survey conducted amongst doctors

Here's how Biotron works

Water is made up of molecules and is formed when one oxygen atom fuses with two hydrogen atoms. In their neutral state, these molecules of water
bond with each other and form clusters. These clusters vary from micro to macro-clusters, depending on water quality and water chemistry.

Macro-clusters are less permeable into human cells, which result in a reduction of bio-availability of water. Micro-clusters are recognized as bio-friendly
because of their fast cellular permeability. Due to the bio-friendly nature of micro-clusters, the hydration process is very fast and efficient. The result is,
availability of more nutrients and minerals in human cells.

It thus, helps your body to easily absorb the goodness of water, along with its much needed minerals & micro-nutrients

Water molecules tend to cluster together, making them hard
to penetrate a cell wall.

BiotronTM helps break them into small micro-clusters thereby
making it easier to penetrate a cell wall.

Biotron Lab Study

Laboratory Experiment

To evaluate the positive effect of BiotronTM water vis-a-vis normal tap water on seed germination, a lab study was performed.

The detailed procedure and protocol of the study can be viewed here - BiotronTM seed germination study - Test Protocol

The entire Research and findings can be viewed here - Study of BiotronTM water vs Normal water

*Images are for representation purposes only.


The interaction of BiotronTM water had a positive impact on seed germination, in comparison to that of normal water.
Based on the obtained results, it was found that -

The seeds exposed to BiotronTM water germinated faster than the seeds exposed to normal tap water

Higher number of seeds germinated when exposed to BiotronTM water as compared to normal water

The length and growth of the plants in BiotronTM water was higher than in normal water

Certificates Endorsing Biotron

Laboratory Experiment with Normal water and Biotron water